environmental technologies

The business activities of SETCO’s Environmental Technologies Division are defined by products, systems and services that support three major application sectors: Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Compaction and Transport.
Every project has its own set of unique benchmarks and we respond accordingly. Clients can rely on us to meet their technical and financial requirements with the optimum mix of products and services. We serve many clients across four major market segments.
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    Commercial and Institutional Buildings
Expert Selection Assistance: our many years of experience come into play when we assist our clients in the selection of the product or service that best fits their project or operation.
Reliable Service and Maintenance: we stand behind our solutions with a professional service department that provides installation, maintenance and repairs.
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    Energy - Oil & Gas and Power
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    Industrial Facilities
Prompt Supply and Delivery: we strive to ensure that our clients have a quick and uninterrupted flow of products and services by investing in inventory mix and depth.
Consistent Monitoring and Reporting: industrial water quality is a critical component of maximizing returns on investment. Our technologists assist clients in this critical function with reliable testing, analysis and reporting.


Water Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Solid Waste Managment

specialty chemicals

The Industrial Chemicals Division distributes a broad range of chemical products for industrial applications. Working closely with our Principals and Customers, we focus on matching the optimum product with the required application.



Service Contracts